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Lisboa, Lisboa, Lisboa, 1500-001
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Sobre Implant 4 all

This project has three objectives:

1. Sell implants, prosthetics products and bio-materials. This products must will be having the best relation between the prices and the quality;
2. The spirit of “Implant 4 all” will be to do best work in the market to ensure better customer satisfaction and consumers who use our products.
3. The “Implant 4 all” considers the role of the company should have (in addition to generate profits, jobs, enhanced economic and social conditions of their employees and give the best dividends to its shareholders) social responsibility among the community in which is inserted, in this case Portugal.
So, hence the name “Implant 4 all”, part of the profits will go to providing free implants to those are most needy. We believe that we should give something back to community that gives us value.

“Implant 4 all” will have a dynamic market strategy with respected to our customers and rivals. The forever strategy will be best price with best quality and services.

Clients and Consumers

The clients and the consumers are the very important people to the “Implant 4 all”. They are the main raison of our existence.
The respect and trust are the basis of work between us and our clients and consumers.
They deserve the best products and the best services.

Localização: Rua: Lisboa, Cidade/Localização: Lisboa, Distrito: Lisboa

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