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'A man with a new idea is a eccentric until the idea is accepted'
Mark Twain

In the last twelve years we have developed a pioneering work in the area of Maintenance, Prophylactic and Wellness Medicine, developing a strong multi-disciplinary support and custom in the health service through our Health NetWorking.

It is true this professional platform promotes greater health monitoring of patients and students, achieving a more effective communication and data collection, thereby achieving the success of therapeutic goals.

Prophylactic, Maintenance & Wellness Medicine are the areas of medicine that unites all areas of conventional medicine to diagnostics and complementary therapies. The primary objective is to restore balance in the body and promote better and effective communication between all areas of Health will support based on primary well-being of the patient.
The prescription of a custom program and evaluation of the individual are the main methods of this area of medicine as a complement to conventional therapy for health maintenance, prevention and / or rehabilitation of numerous pathologies.
In this area, we always require the close cooperation of the individual's family physician and our physiologist (a specialist in exercise and wellness medicine with the ability to exercise prescription in "special populations") and his team of therapists.

Dr. Pedro Escobar is an specialist in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology . MD, Nutrition and Orthomolecular and Psychotherapy Pro, coordinating a team of professional therapists in various areas that complement and complete this multidisciplinary field of Health.

In this area of medicine the prescription of this therapies and activities serves as a classic prescription, with the exercise and individualized therapies, as well as nutrition and supplementation.

Through a multidisciplinary approach the pacient can improve self image, sense of well-being, reduce stress levels, increase energy and enhance other factors of changes in lifestyle such as smoking cessation and weight loss ...

Some issues that we work with:

Anxiety, distress, stress management, changing habits (related to stress, posture, breathing), help in some cases of depression, tense people, euphoria, aid in the treatment of panic disorder, disorders of balance within the bodies, muscular work with isometric exercises and gymnastics assisted, constipation, musculoskeletal disorders, postural correction, insomnia, arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, obesity, other ...

Back to health in general, loss and weight gain and special populations with special needs.

"... healing is creativity and passion;

... cure is to learn to trust in life. "

Localização: Rua: rua gonçalo velho cabral, nº 22 - Restelo, Cidade/Localização: Restelo - Lisboa, Distrito: Aveiro

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